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School is Open!

This announcement has felt like years in the making, with the last year causing so much uncertainty in how we would be able to educate

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What Would Romel Joseph Do?

One of my dad’s most famous sayings was to “never give up, no matter what.” These words have never felt more relevant than this year, as all of our worlds have been turned upside down thanks to the instability Covid-19 has caused around the globe. But as my father would always say, it is during times of crisis and struggle that our dreams come into fruition.

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Black Lives Matter

Five Strikes

Growing up, I vividly remember my father telling me I had 3 strikes against me in life I would always have to battle with…

1. I’m a woman.
2. I’m a black woman.
3. I’m a Haitian woman.

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New Year, Same Dream

Since its conception in 1991, The New Victorian School has faced many challenges. Yet, as our founder and my father, Romel Joseph, always said, “never

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Welcome Back, TNVS Alumni!

October 6th marked the five-year anniversary since I’ve moved to Haiti to take on the leadership role of The New Victorian School (TNVS). In that

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