The Power of One: Micheline Laudun Denis

This Christmas I’m feeling more gratitude than ever before.

The power of one is an incredible force that can positively impact so many others. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to one of my biggest inspirations: Madame Micheline Laudun Denis.

Madame Denis may be 90 years old, but still to this day has the youthful spirit of a 20 year old—with the perfect balance of grace, elegance and energy. But most of all, she has remained disciplined to the art of music, practicing for hours every day even after all these years.

She first came into my family’s life back in 1983, when she filled in as a pianist for my father Romel Joseph’s first recital in Haiti post graduating in Cincinnati. 30 years later, she has been a constant source of inspiration.

After my father’s passing, I moved back to Haiti and began visiting Madame Denis regularly every Sunday morning. She would fill my soul with inspiration, encouragement and support during one of the most challenging times of my life. And it is because of her that she gave me the courage to start playing the violin again.

“Your dad’s greatest gift to the country has been you and your brother—Haiti’s future generation of great violin and piano playing.”

Up until last November, we would perform together, record together and have meaningful conversations over coffee and sweets.

Despite her now living in the Dominican Republic as a result of the political instability in Haiti, she remains a huge source of inspiration to me. Last month we were re-united during my trip to the Dominican Republic and the reunion was nothing short of spectacular. To see Madame Denis thriving in her new home—despite language barriers—and full of so much passion gave me the motivation I needed to keeping pushing forward.

We once again recorded music together, performed together and chatted over coffee and sweets.

Check out this link here to relive on of my most cherished moments from the trip. We performed “Une jeune fille de 90 ans”, which is a French song that describes a 90 year old girl who loses a tooth while eating ice cream. Fortunately, Madame Denis still has all her teeth!

I am so grateful that my father and Madame Denis formed such an unbreakable bond and that he now lives through our relationship. I can only hope I can be of as much impact to others at her age and that I have that same fearless tenacity she does in believing nothing can stop her from living out her own dreams.

So, thank you Madame Denis for being you. I look forward to a future of more musical adventures and coffee chats with you. Chapo ba! (Creole for “hats off”)

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