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The Miracle of Music: Experience How Romel Joseph Has Used His Musical Knowledge and Talent to Overcome Some of His Most Challenging Life OB Paperback

'It will take more than an earthquake to keep me from doing my work...' Music changed Romel Joseph's life. But on Jan. 12, 2010, it also saved it. This inspiring story is about how a blind Haitian boy became a Juilliard-trained violinist, a world-renowned musician, and used the music in his soul to overcome his life's obstacles and help those around him. It is about the successful struggle to keep open the New Victorian School, a premiere music education institution, despite untold obstacles. It is about the hopes and dreams and perseverance of a country. And it is about love and empathy that keeps us going even when the ground is shaking under our feet.

Turn Ordinary Moments into Blessings!: A 60-Day Gratitude Journal

In our fast paced, demanding world, it’s easy to forget about all the blessings in our life. We’re often blind to small gifts: a kind word that gets us through the day, a helpful stranger that keeps us sane, or an unexpected treat that improves our mood. The drudgery of life makes us oblivious to these meaningful moments, but we shouldn’t ignore them, we should immortalize them. This gratitude journal gives you the time and space to record every small blessing that comes your way.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality: A Daily Action Planner

Turn Your Dreams into Reality with this beautiful daily action journal! This to-the-point, undated planner is for you—the up-and-coming entrepreneur, the small business owner, the everyday person with a desire to reflect deeper on their journey toward purpose. Take strides toward achieving your goals one day at a time—even if you’ve tried and failed before. With the gentle guidance in this elegant journal, you’ll discover the power to change your life, get on track for success, and the motivation to accomplish whatever you set your heart to. This journal also makes a great gift!

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